Soccer Superstar Neymar Will Not Be Charged With Rape After Investigation

Neymar will not be charged with rape, the Sao Paulo Civil Police announced Monday after completing the investigation into the charges against the Paris Saint-Germain footballer.

According to police sources, quoted by Efe, Commissioner Juliana Lopes Bussacos, who is responsible for the investigation, concluded in her report that there was insufficient evidence to formally accuse Neymar of crimes of rape and aggression.

During the investigation, the police officer detected numerous contradictions of Najila de Souza, who accused Neymar of having raped her in a hotel in Paris, as well as not receiving, as she had requested, videos of the alleged violation and the doctor’s report.

In the prosecution, Najila de Souza had said she had traveled to Paris in May to be with the striker, who allegedly raped her in a hotel in the French capital.