Sergio Ramos To Retire & Stay at Real Madrid

The Spanish defender Sergio Ramos has just appeared before the media to give full response to the rumors that, over the past few days, have alerted his desire to abandon the discipline of Real Madrid this summer.

“After everything that has been talked about, it is best to go out and talk and clarify everything. I want nobody to be left with doubts and I am willing to make everything very clear (…) I want to make my future very clear. It has been speculated on with many things. I am a Madridista and I want to retire here. I want to fulfill the rest of my contract with Real Madrid”

That is how clear and forceful Sergio Ramos has been during a press conference in which he wanted to put an end to the succession of rumors that have been generated around his figure over the past few days. Here we review his most significant statements:

– Relationship with Florentino Pérez : “I do not want to leave Real Madrid and my relationship with the president is, as he said, from father to son but hey, who has not fought with his father. The best solution has been to sit face to face and stop being intermediaries” .

– Commitment : “I do not want to leave Real Madrid. My dream and my illusion has always been to retire here. I would never leave. I would even be willing to play for free here because I’m sorry” .

– Possible renewal : “I have not talked about my contract or money with Florentino for a long time (…) We have not talked about renewal. Not a single minute we have talked about the economic issue. It’s a matter of trust. In my life there are two very important legs: the hobby and the president. There are things that I did not like and had to center the leg with the president”.

– China offer : “The offer is on the table, I’m not a person who lies. The relationship was not as I think it had to be and that’s why we talked about it. But I did not ask for the letter of freedom, that’s a lie (…) I put a proposal on your table with confidence, but that does not mean that I want to go free, but it was a private meeting that finally came to the light and in the end we have to clarify it”.

– Current salary : “I am very happy with my salary. I’m not interested in the economic issue. It is secondary. Everyone has what they deserve. All the players that come and win more than I will be happy because that will mean that we have signed players tops. But I would not leave Real Madrid. What’s more, I would play for free here. He did not want to go for free, or pay” .

– Reasons for the anger : “I have hurt a subject of affection and an emotional issue with the president. I believe that the relationship should be fine with the president. But things are solved by talking. In one afternoon everything is solved. I want to create a future for Real Madrid”.

– Future : “As long as the soul and body endure, I will try to continue. While I feel the strength to defend this shield I will continue. I would never go to a team that can compete with Real Madrid. I would go away”.

– Costume support : “I am the captain of Real Madrid and I feel very loved for that is very important. My colleagues know me and many have had no doubt that I was going to continue”.

– Words of Florentino Pérez : “I was not bothered by Florentino’s words. Yes, what it generates. I’ve been here for many years and I like where I am. I’m happy, I have everything here”.

– Problems with the president : “Dirty game between Florentino and me? Maybe it has been one of the problems. I miss talking as before with the president. But from the possibility of leaving when wanting to leave there is a world”

– Painful : “In the end it bothers me a little bit everything. That’s why I want to make it clear that I do not want to renew, that it’s not a strategy and nothing else”

– Defeat against Ajax : “It has been a very difficult season. It was a moment of great tension and we are all with the pulsations up. Relationships stay there. It is a drop that fills the glass. From there you have to sit down and start from scratch. I believe we have done it in the best way”

– Eden Hazard signing : “I think it’s a top level player, and I hope he comes because I think he can give a lot.”

– Message to the fans : “I’m here to avoid being influenced by what they read in the press. I have always been true to Real Madrid and I am very grateful for these 14 years. I find it profitable that in all this time I have only been punched one day”.

– Plot of bets : “They are subjects in which justice enters. I have a special affection for Raúl Bravo because we share a team but I have little to say”.

– Future in China : “I do not know. I have always felt the affection of China when we have gone there. You never know what can be done. Now I’m focused on competing and afterwards you’ll see”.