Real Betis to bid on Adrien Rabiot

The green and white box is the new and surprising suitor of the French midfielder, who is free in a month.

Adrien Rabiot continues by discounting the days to finally abandon the discipline of PSG , where he has only one month of contract left. And is that after standing to not renew your link, the player has lived a few months apart in the French team, with which the relationship will end badly.

And in this time it has sounded to join the ranks of some of the most important squads in Europe, such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus of Turin … However, it is still unknown where their future will be, partly due to their high demands wages to their suitors.

In the midst of this uncertainty now emerges surprising information, which includes media such as Diario de Sevilla or As , in which the midfielder is placed in the orbit of another Spanish team. This is the case of Real Betis , which aims to take advantage of the situation to incorporate it into its ranks.

The option for the signing to set is that it would be the best paid of the template and would have 50% of the rights of a future sale. In addition, with the possible transfer of Giovani Lo Celso, there would be enough room to satisfy the Frenchman’s demands. We will see if with the passage of the days this option finishes curdling.