Income Protection & Insurance Comparisons For Footballers


If you rely on your income, you'll want to make sure it's covered. This is where income protection insurance can help. It ensures you have a steady stream of income coming in while you're unable to work due to an injury.


What's the benefit of insurance for footballers?

Income protection insurance is designed to provide you with much-needed coverage when the unexpected happens. Income protection can:

  • Pay a portion of your usual income. This is usually up to 75% of your salary, making it usable for any income level.
  • Give you monthly benefit payments. Having a steady stream of replacement income means you can keep paying your mortgage, repay other debts and manage day to day expenses.
  • Cover a specified benefit period. Policies can pay benefits for a specific amount of time, and can keep paying the same amount even for years on end if you're unable to work.


How might my income protection policy be adjusted if I'm a footballer?

There are a number of ways that a footballers income protection policy may be adjusted to allow them to be provided with cover:

  • Premium loading. A premium loading is applied to income protection policies to reflect an increased risk of claim. For example, if you’re an amateur footballer an insurer might apply a 25% loading to your insurance premiums, meaning you’ll obviously have to pay more for coverage than non-footballers.
  • Extended waiting period. An alternative option your insurer may offer takes the form of an extended waiting period. This is the time you must wait before you can start getting benefit payments after suffering injury or illness. For example, the typical waiting period in your policy might be 30 days, but your insurer may stipulate that the waiting period for sports injuries is 90 days. This extended waiting period can also apply to any injuries on areas of your body that have been previously affected by sporting injuries.
  • The other course of action your insurance provider might choose to take is simply to add an exclusion on football to your policy. This means you won’t have to pay any extra fees or more for your premiums, but you simply will not receive any cover for injuries you sustain while playing football. If this happens, you may be able to take a separate sports insurance policy that only covers you while playing sports.


Can footballers get income protection insurance?

Because football is so popular in Australia, insurers will typically still offer cover as long as you're not a professional player. However, it is still a risk factor which can affect your policy and may mean you're less likely to get cover. Factors including how frequently you play and what level you play at, as well as your current state of health, will determine whether you are offered additional conditions, exclusion, or denied cover entirely.

You may be able to decrease your risk level by finding a policy that excludes cover for playing sports, and then taking out a separate personal sporting accident insurance policy to cover you on the field.


Do I need to disclose that I play football when I apply for income protection?

No matter what type of life insurance product you’re applying for, it’s essential that you provide honest and accurate information to your insurer. Be upfront and honest about your football activities and supply and information your insurance provider asks for. If it later emerges that you did not fully disclose all relevant details to your insurer at the time of applying for coverage, future claims you make could be rejected. Under your duty of disclosure, this counts as a risk you need to inform them of.